Call Management Software

Every business, from the largest call centre all the way down to the smallest office, relies on data to gauge progress, make decisions, and organize change. Accuracy and detail are paramount, as the direction of your company depends on the validity and availability of corporate data.

Call Management SoftwareConnaught’s Call Management Software provides unsurpassed accuracy and functionality in call history and reporting for the small to mid-size business. It connects directly to your phone system and records and categorizes each event for every call. The user interface is runs in every standard web browser.

Call Management can improve your business operations and enable you to manage your inbound and outbound calls.

  • Verify call costs, even if you use multiple carriers
  • Calculate call handling capacity and traffic flows
  • Manage staffing levels to meet fluctuations in demand
  • Create concise billing information for cost centres, extensions, clients and campaigns
  • Create automated or on-demand reports in standardised Excel, Word, HTML and email formats.

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