Lines and Calls

Lines_CallsConnaught have the latest connection interface with BT Openreach meaning that we can offer the resilience of BT lines at much cheaper prices due to our wholesale buying power.

Line Rental

We communicate directly with BT systems, providing a seamless service when transferring lines from BT and other service providers. We can also order additional lines and services for you, appoint BT engineers for site visits, and liaise directly with BT on your behalf.

Connaught line rental gives you many advantages including:

  • Much cheaper prices than renting directly from BT.  Our standard analogue line charge is 41% cheaper than BT’s.
  • Your lines will be monitored  24 hours a day 7 days a week, with most minor faults being resolved before you even become aware of them.
  • In the unlikely event that you suffer any telephone related fault, just call Connaught.  This gives you huge advantages in the event of any problems:
    • No need to navigate BT call centres ever again!  Let us take the strain for you.  We have  our own wholesale contacts at BT and are more equipped to deal with BT line issues than you are due to our expertise and experience.
    • No need for you to diagnose whether faults are hardware or line related – let our engineers do what they’re good at and work out where the problem lies then get it resolved for you.  If it turns out to be a line issue, we’ll do all the BT liaison work for you.


With constantly changing call tariffs, many businesses end up paying more for their phone calls than they need to. Here at Connaught, reducing your phone bill is a big priority and we are often able to save you as much as 40% on your phone calls.

We will analyse your business telephone bills and recommend changes in order to save money on telecommunications, reducing call charges and line rental, maintaining the quality of your business communications whilst simplifying the billing.

When recommending a calls package for your business, the emphasis is on your own needs and this ensures that we provide the right quality of service at the price that’s best for you. We regularly review our tariffs in order to maintain our competitiveness.

Routing your calls thorough Connaught gives you the following advantages:

  • Lower call costs
  • Flexible packages with “pay as you go” or inclusive call options
  • Excellent call quality and reliability as we use only Tier 1 carriers
  • Less paperwork with just one bill for all your communications needs and the option to view all your calls online if required
  • Comprehensive monitoring and alerts of high value calls made

Talk to one of our specialists on 0800 652 7681 or email to talk about starting to save today on your monthly bills.