Call Recording

Protect your Triage Service and Reduce Practice Insurance by Recording Your Phone Calls

Doctor In Discussion With Nurse At Nurses Station

With the increasing popularity of telephone consultations and telephone triage services, surgery telephone calls often need to be recorded for regulatory compliance.

It is important to leave a clear audit trail of the advice and instructions given to patients for the protection of your staff, and Connaught with a range of high quality, low cost call recording solutions that can help.

Our solutions are easy to use, can integrate with your database and provide 100% precise call matching.  As well as the obvious benefits of protecting your medical staff from litigation, call recording also:

  • Assists you with staff training and development.
  • Protects staff from abusive patients.
  • Will help you to reduce your practice insurance costs.
  • Helps you to prove what advice was given and resole disputes without involving lawyers.

Can you afford not to record your calls?

To learn more about how we can help protect the staff at your surgery, email us now or call 0800 652 7681.