Cordless Headsets

Inbound 2Improve Employee Productivity With Cordless Headsets for your Reception Staff

Did you know that using a headset on a daily basis will reduce unnecessary back pain and fatigue caused by cradling the phone on your shoulder? It will also help improve your posture, and make you feel more active and refreshed at the end of the working day.

Not only does a headset help you physically, it also increases your work productivity.

Studies have shown that using a headset instead of holding the phone frees up a hand and can improve productivity by up to 43%.

Medical Receptionists often spend a very high proportion of their working day on the phone and many have seen huge benefits from using a cordless headset.

To help your surgery staff to reduce fatigue and improve their productivity, please get in touch today.  We have some enticing offers on discreet cordless headsets that will improve patient access without breaking the bank.

To learn more about how we can help improve patient access at your surgery for a low monthly fee, email us now or call 0800 652 7681