Lines and Calls

Making a phone callCut Costs and Improve Call Quality with a Connaught Line and Call Package!

With surgery budgets being squeezed, why not see how much we can save you by sending us your latest phone bill?

Here at Connaught, we have been providing our customers with low cost line rental and calls for over 25 years.  The many advantages of transferring your lines to Connaught include the following:

  • Much cheaper prices than renting directly from BT.  Our standard analogue line charge is 41% cheaper than BT’s.
  • Your lines will be monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with most minor faults being resolved before you even become aware of them.
  • No need to navigate BT call centres ever again!  Let us take the strain for you.  We have our own wholesale contacts at BT and are more equipped to deal with BT line issues than you are due to our expertise and experience.
  • No need for you to diagnose whether faults are hardware or line related – let our engineers do what they’re good at and work out where the problem lies then get it resolved for you. If it turns out to be a line issue, we’ll do all the BT liaison work for you.
  • FREE UK Mobile and Landline calls over all SIP lines.  Talk to us about converting if you don’t already have these!

If you’d like to know how much we can save you, please just send a copy of your latest bill to and we’ll come back to you with some cost saving suggestions.