Practice CCTV

Protect Your Property, Assets and Staff with a High Resolution Surveillance System

IP CCTVToday more than ever, CCTV is playing a vital role in safeguarding your people, property and other assets.  Reducing or eliminating the costs incurred by surgeries and medical centres as a result of fire, theft and vandalism is an essential requirement for any organisation.

Medical Centres often also have the added problem of staff being abused by patients, and cameras can act as a massive deterrent against this.

Our cameras will give you:

  • High resolution picture quality that can be used as evidence in court if needed.
  • Remote access from anywhere in the world, even when recording.
  • No need for huge amounts of cabling.
  • Very little ongoing maintenance.
  • Vast and simple storage capacity.

Here at Connaught, we are proud to have been early adopters of IP Surveillance Technology and this is a big and important part of our product portfolio.

We understand that protecting your surgery’s assets and staff is imperative.  That’s why we stock some of the best IP cameras in the world.

Furthermore, Connaught’s range of IP CCTV cameras can give you round the clock discreet monitoring without breaking the bank.

To learn more about how we can help make your practice a more secure environment, , email us now or call 0800 652 7681