Remote Working

Remote WorkingAnytime, Anyplace, Anywhere…. Use your Telephone and PC from the comfort of your living room!

In today’s “Always On” business culture, the demands placed upon staff can be considerable. “Work/Life Balance” is key to staff being happy, motivated and productive, but is it actually achievable?

Connaught can provide you with the technology to allow you to work smarter, maximising those working hours and covering off tasks when away from the office.

Flexible Working is all about making life easier. Communicating on-the-move and working at home can provide a number of benefits for both the business owner and the employee.

These manifest themselves in time savings, improved productivity, reduced travel costs and better staff retention. It will also mean that your business doesn’t need to grind to a halt during periods of bad weather.

Connaught can provide the platform to have all the functionality you would have as if you were sat in the office at home – whether it’s accessing information from your company network, checking your emails or making and receiving phone calls via the company phone system.

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