Technology in Education

Technology in EducationConnaught have installed Telephone and Surveillance Systems to hundreds of schools over the past quarter of a century.

Schools and colleges have changed significantly over recent times and forward-thinking educational establishments understand that if they’re to provide state-of-the-art learning, they need to find ways of making communication easier.

Our solutions can make life simpler and change the perception of your school.  Connaught will provide real solutions to your school’s problems.

These solutions are geared towards freeing up reception time to handle the important incoming calls faster and more effectively. With new voicemail to email technology, all teachers can have visibility of their voicemails via an email, eradicating lost messages and un-returned calls which ultimately leads to frustrated parents. All messages can be stored and archived for easy management. For example, Staff and student Absenteeism can now be managed via a call direct to a Mailbox, saving the time of the operator during a very busy period.

You could have bespoke information boxes set up providing information such as “The pupils will be returning from their museum trip at 4.00pm” for example – again saving you time in dealing with routine enquiries.

Using new technology, Connaught can consolidate the number of lines within your school and save considerable costs.
There are great features on the latest up-to-date phone systems that can help you monitor abusive phone calls, return missed calls, more efficiently handle your incoming calls and give standard replies to the most common queries without input from the receptionist. This all contributes to reduced stress and happier staff which can only benefit pupils and staff alike.

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