Best camera types for you

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A guide to CCTV camera types and where they work best

Looking to implement CCTV but feeling overwhelmed by all the camera choices?

CCTV is a valuable investment for your business.  When installed properly, camera surveillance can keep your staff and site secure, by providing you with real time and recorded footage of your premises onsite and remotely.   Well placed and visible camera units can also act as a deterrent for anti-social behaviour.

If you’ve been looking into implementing a CCTV system, you may be unsure about which cameras you need, and where to place them to get the most out of your surveillance setup?  This guide will give you an overview of the main types of camera and how to get the best out of them

CCTV dome camera

Dome Cameras

With a high quality camera built inside a glass dome, choose these when you need a vandal-proof, inconspicuous solution.

CCTV bullet camera

Bullet Cameras

These sturdy weatherproof units are perfect for long distance surveillance with zoom capabilities. Bullet cameras are highly visible, which makes them the perfect deterrent.

CCTV Turret camera

Turret Cameras

Mounted vertically or horizontally, the ball and socket design means easy angle adjustment, while the dome free design makes for clearer images and improved night vision.

CCTV Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ camera

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera (PTZ)

With a mechanism that allows them to swivel, tilt and zoom, these units are ideal for areas where you want to cover a wider area, without compromising on detail

Night vision camera CCTV

Three-in-one cameras (TiOCs)

Perfect as an active deterrent, these cameras incorporate accurate alarms, full colour monitoring and two-way audio. Choose this option if you want immediate response to threats, with real time push notifications to your mobile app.

This is just a few of the many options now available for your surveillance setup.  If you’re still unsure about which cameras you will need for your site, why not let our technical team help you?

At Connaught we train our engineers to the highest possible standard, so you know you’re getting the best advice.  We don’t use subcontractors, so you know we’re taking care of everything, and we’ve been protecting our customers for over 35 years, so you know you’re in safe hands.

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