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5 best reporting features of Xelion

While management reporting has always been vital to monitoring investment and output, with staff working across numerous locations and flexible working becoming a new industry standard, it’s more important than ever to have access to how this affects business operations.

Building reports can be a time-consuming task for managers reporting back to Board Members.  Therefore choosing the right format is key to presenting information which is easy to interpret.

Having a smart telephony system like Xelion is invaluable when it comes to offering your management team the variety of reporting they need for success.

Here are five different ways you can use Xelion to report on your telephony and when to use them

Best for real time information


Wallboards offer real time visibility of statistics for an individual, department or team. You can use these to examine how many calls have been answered, average waiting time and performance against SLAs. These can be displayed on large screens at no extra cost.

Best for ease of use

Web reporting

Accessible from any web browser on any device, managers can access pre-built graphical reports to support statistics in Management Reporting stakeholder meetings.  These reports are easy to read, have a variety of formats, and are pre-built to show visibility of group or user activity.

These types of reports are perfect for meetings at short notice or to supplement some of the below, more in-depth analytics.

Best for indepth analysis

Automated reports

These types of reports offer complex statistics which give managers a more in-depth understanding of call groups, as well as individual performance.  Once set up is completed, these will be generated on a regular basis and emailed to key users, which saves time and ensures the right people have updated information.  Managers can also access these reports via the desktop application.

Best for metric tools

Query Tool

Ideal for managers who need to access to the entire database, the Xelion Query Tool allows full, unrestricted interrogation, with exported data which is ready to be used in metric tools such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau and others.  These queries can be carried out on a schedule or ad hoc and are made available to regular Xelion users with restrictions suitable for their own specific permissions.

Best for qualitative analysis

Call recording

If you’re looking for a more qualitative output, Xelion’s call recording feature allows managers to listen back to calls quickly and easily.

Ideal for staff training, it also enables you to measure against SLAs and check company protocol. This feature also protects your staff and business and can serve as a safeguarding function.

Sound interesting?

Xelion offers every type of reporting as standard in the monthly licence fee, with no additional costs or bolt-ons. It will enable you to pick the report to best suit your teams and stakeholders. If you’d like to learn how Xelion can help you, click here to book your FREE telephony consultation now.