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Integrated door access for Shenstone-based manufacturer

The insecurity

Meet Autosmart International. A UK-wide business manufacturing and delivering market-leading vehicle cleaning and hygiene products via a network of franchisees to a vast marketplace.

With no access control in place at the large Shenstone site, managers were struggling to secure the premises or monitor staff on site. Staff moving between sites were relying on numerous keys, which raised safety concerns when keys were lost.

Managers at Autosmart International were looking for a professional access control solution, which would integrate with security systems and link multiple sites.

Unlocking the problem

After technical surveys from Connaught’s Engineering Team, we recommended Paxton readers and fobs at main entry and exit points across the site. These allow fob holders to pass through areas, whilst registering each user location in real time. Lost fobs are cancelled easily, with new users added in minutes as the company grows.

We installed Paxton’s Net2 Pro software, so managers could benefit from a full range of access control features, such as site map upload and fire alarm integration. Roll call printouts were set to a specific printer, so for easily accessible and accurate reporting.

Ongoing support and maintenance from the Connaught Team and free software upgrades gave everyone peace of mind that their new security system would last for years to come.

The key

Having a single, consistent door entry system has significantly improved fire safety and security at the company. In the event of an emergency, the management app makes roll call reporting quick and easy, and secure areas are kept protected with a high functioning magnetic lock system.

Staff at Autosmart International were so happy with the Paxton setup on their Shenstone site, they rolled out door access across a second location, with all door access linked by the Paxton Net2 Pro software. Managers can log into one flexible system for maximum security.

No more keys, seamless integration and flexible staff monitoring – a smart result for Connaught and Autosmart International.