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CCTV that makes
you the expert

Looking for a full CCTV upgrade or just want to add cameras to your organisation’s existing setup?

Connaught can help

✔ Better image quality
✔ Remote monitoring
✔ Full site coverage
✔ Streamlined and straightforward

We’ll make you an expert in your security system, with free regular training resources and access to admin software so you can take control of your CCTV.

Free Security Audit

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The key to slick security

1. Book a security site audit
(it’s free) 

2. Decide which areas you need protected 

3. Choose your cameras and storage options
(fit to your needs)

4. Get back to business 
(while we complete the install) 

5. Relax 
(with Connaught maintenance) 


Systems we install

Active deterrence cameras
✔ Motion sensor trigger systems
✔ Alarm integration
✔ Remote access software
✔ Cloud storage
✔ IP camera networking
✔ GDPR secure installation
✔ ANPR systems
✔ AI technology
✔ Extensive HD camera range

What’s new in CCTV

Head to our knowledge centre to read about camera types, ANPR and more

Our sectors


Safeguard your business against break-ins and secure your property with 4K cameras and remote access to your footage for 24-hour safety.


Keep students secure with ANPR, two way audio and alarm functionality across your school, whilst staying GDPR compliant.


Protect patients and staff with 360 degree waiting room coverage and high definition audio-enabled cameras.



Download Our Free Buyers Guide

Is your video surveillance properly protecting you or is it unsafe and leaving you vulnerable?

This free guide will help you decide how to get the best solution.

You’ll discover:

✔ How to choose a product
✔ How to choose a supplier
✔ The surveillance traps to avoid

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