Five reasons why you need VOIP

VOIP, or ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’, is an advantage-rich alternative to traditional telephone lines. There are a host of good reasons why a business like yours should be considering VOIP, and we’re here to reassure you that whilst switching to internet-based calls may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be, if you have a hands-on provider like Connaught to support you throughout. 

Before we give you our five reasons to switch to VOIP, let us firstly cut through some of the jargon:

VOIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is the process of making and receiving voice and multimedia communications like video call, email and texts over the internet.

PBX: Private Branch Exchangers. These are traditional phone lines also sometimes called TDM (Time Dimensional Multiplexers).

IP: Simply a shorter reference to Internet Protocol. An ‘IP phone’ for example is a phone that uses the internet to allow you to communicate by voice or video. 

So, without further ado, here are our top five reasons to consider VOIP:

1: No more hardware and no disruptive installation
That’s almost two benefits in one! VOIP is internet based, which means it is ‘virtual’, so there are no installing telephone lines and other hardware throughout your building. This makes switching to VOIP quicker, far easier and a lot more straight forward than simply extending or adding to your current PTSN lines. 

2: Flexible access for remote working
Connecting to the corporate telephone system remotely is easy with VOIP, which makes working remotely efficient and easy. With VOIP, employees don’t need to be in the office, affording many businesses the opportunity to save on utilities and office space. 

3: Seamlessly scalable 
Recruit without worry or even open a new branch, safe in the knowledge that new users can be added to your VOIP system at the click of a button. Compared to a traditional system, VOIP scales seamlessly with your business, keeping profit up and stress down. 

4: Money saving 
VOIP is considerably more cost effective than traditional landline and mobile providers because it uses the internet to facilitate calls and videos. It really is that simple. 

5: Added extras to make your working day easier
Because its internet based, VOIP brings with it a host of added features designed to make businesses more profitable and your working day a lot easier. You can route external calls to your mobile and all other calls to answer machine, have voicemails automatically dictated and sent as emails or text messages or even connect your phone to your corporate database (like a customer relationship management system) so that you can access previous notes when calling customers. 

Truth be told, we could carry on to ten reasons, maybe more, but we know how busy you are. But if you want to know more about VOIP and, more specifically, how it could directly benefit your business, speak to our dedicated sales team and arrange a detailed audit of your requirements at a time to suit you.