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Upgrade to VOIP System for Coventry Medical Centre

The Disconnect

Meet Westwood Medical Centre. A busy GP surgery set over two sites, working together to provide essential healthcare to their patients in Coventry.

Both sites were using a traditional PBX phone system which had become outdated, and the team were looking for an upgrade which would future-proof their telephony.

Ahead of the ISDN switch off in 2025, they needed a straightforward, cloud-based solution to offer more features and improve patient experience.

The Answer

As an existing Connaught customer, the team reached out to see whether we could help. They needed a VOIP system which could seamlessly connect both sites, so calls could be easily transferred and the teams could send instant messages to communicate quickly.

For the Westwood Medical teams, patient experience was a top priority, so they asked for a system with features such as position-in-queue announcements and live call statistics to manage call volumes.

These requirements made Connaught’s cloud-based system, Xelion, the obvious choice for Westwood Medical Centre. With all features included as standard, without bolt-on or additional charges, the system offered streamlined billing and flexible functionality.

Brand new handsets were installed across both sites, with softphone and mobile app capabilities to enable remote working where needed.

The Results; loud and clear

The team are thrilled with their decision to switch to Xelion, and confident that they have a telephony setup that will last them for years to come. All with the same expert technical support they have always enjoyed from Connaught.

The Practice Managers at the surgery no longer need to be concerned about the impending move away from ISDN lines, and they benefit from Xelion’s commitment to roll out new features free of charge. This means that when Xelion rolled out Stop-Start recording, the team could easily and quickly meet patient demands, by stopping call recordings mid-call, without any bolt on costs.

A very healthy prognosis for this practice’s telephony.

If you’re looking for a VOIP system in Coventry, or anywhere across the Midlands, get in touch and see how we can upgrade you to Xelion.