What is digital transformation and why do we need it?

Digital transformation has been a buzz word on the business scene for many years now, but what is it and is it something you should be thinking about?

The short answer is yes, let’s be clear on that. Digital transformation is not optional, it is essential for all businesses big and small, and you’ll be glad to know the benefits are plentiful. More about that later, let’s establish what digital transformation is in more detail:

The term “digital transformation” means creating a working environment that is flexible, interconnected, seamless and, well…digitised. It’s how we describe the act of moving in favour of working online, instead of on paper, storing documents and data in the cloud instead of in the filing cabinet, communicating over the internet (by voice, video or with written words), rather than using traditional means which require hardware and the associated installation and maintenance.

It is, in a nutshell, moving our businesses towards the digital age so that we can operate in a digital world. Fail to do so, and you will eventually struggle to compete in a market which will have digitised around you.

The benefits of digitisation
There have been numerous studies conducted which are all conclusive when it comes to the profit and productivity benefits of digitisation. If we were to take two identical businesses, one digitised and one manual. The digitised business would out-perform its manual counterpart in every business task. They would be more productive, save time and make more profit.

Did you know it takes an average of 12 minutes for a knowledgeable employee to find the paper document they are looking for? But with all documents digitised, this can be reduced to a few seconds. This concept can be applied to almost every basic business process – make it leaner, save time, improve customer satisfaction, make more money.

Let’s list some quick-fire benefits to digitisation:

• Document visualisation software can reduce printing costs to a minimal level, freeing up capital for investment elsewhere, fuelling growth or, dare we say it, further digitalisation.

• Adopting online processes, from making calls through your computer, filing in the cloud and not requiring large office printers, all saves space and who knows, may enable you to downsize your premises to save costs, or expand your business without the need to rent a larger place.

• Workers can be connected in an instant, to a vast array of databases, contact lists and workflows, whether they are in the office, onsite with a client or working remotely.

• Cloud-based services make day-to-day collaboration and data storage really easy which saves time.

Remember, as younger professionals enter the workplace, we will find ourselves working alongside colleagues what have grown up in a completely connected world which will make digital ways of working the norm.

Research shows that early adoption is key and those businesses who are beginning their digital transformation early and rolling it out strategically, with the support of a knowledgeable provider, are reaping the most rewards in their market place.

Are you ready to take the first steps? You can read more about our cloud services here, or learn more about making calls over the internet with VOIP. When you feel ready, you can book a comprehensive, free of charge audit of your business to really understand how you can move towards digitisation. Call 0800 652 7681 or email enquiries@connaughtltd.co.uk