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Move over ISDN. It’s Voice over IP.

ISDN. PSTN. VOIP. The world of telephony is full of acronyms. And whilst ISDN is on its way out, its replacement is yet another acronym.

Introducing VOIP

VOIP is also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol or Voice Over IP. It simply means that voice and data are transmitted over Internet Protocol instead of over copper wires. Essentially, it’s telephony in the cloud.

VOIP lines are rapidly replacing ISDN and analogue telephone lines. You might have even heard that BT will have switched off all ISDN and PSTN lines by 2025. Which means that when it comes to upgrading, no-one’s off the hook.

The good news is that VOIP lines are compatible with most existing phones. It’s easy to upgrade and you won’t need to change your phone system.

VOIP telephony has lots of other benefits too. Benefits that are definitely worth having now.  

Data Sheet

Want to read more about the ISDN Switch off? Download our Data Sheet now.

The ISDN Switch Off: Explained

Features & Benefits


Free local, national and UK mobile calls and lower line rental. Without the expense of new hardware.


VOIP connections are more reliable. And you can scale up or down as business changes.


VOIP can handle emergencies easily. Designed to support disaster recovery and business continuity, you can re-route calls to an alternative location. Fast.


We think these benefits are worth taking advantage of now. So we’re currently offering FREE installation and setup of VOIP lines. Why wait? Beat the rush and upgrade today.

I am so happy that we changed over to Connaught, it has brought us right up to date

Frances Ryan, Greenwood Primary & Nursery School 

It's time to make the change to VOIP