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Looking to manage vehicle entry more effectively? ANPR has you covered

With a range of applications from law enforcement to commercial and domestic security, ANPR could be the best way to manage vehicles on your property.

What is ANPR and how does it work?

Automatic Number Plate Recording (ANPR) describes the connection of an AI camera to a computer.  When the camera detects a vehicle, it sends a recording of the plate to the computer, which is read and checked against an internal database.

When used by organisations or individuals, the owner of the camera will be able to set lists of accepted number plates, which can trigger one of the following actions:

  • Unlock an entrance or exit gate
  • Alert a staff member
  • Trigger an alarm

How can ANPR benefit me?

If you’ve ever struggled to identify whether a vehicle is authorised over a camera, or had to physically leave your office to open a gate, you’ll already understand how convenient ANPR can be.  Staff can save time with automatic entry and unauthorised vehicles will be unable to gain access, keeping your site protected with enhanced CCTV.

With full control over the number plate database, you can fully customise your lists, meaning that even organisations with large fleets or regular vehicle turnover can stay on top of access, and visitors can be added so keep your meeting slick and safe.


If ANPR sounds like something which could enhance your CCTV setup, we can help talk you through it.  

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