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If you’re looking to switch broadband suppliers, we can help. If you’re setting up new premises and you need unlimited usage, we have solutions for you. If you want to save money with joint data and voice networks, we are happy to talk through your options. And if you would just like some guidance, please feel free to get in touch.

Keeping up

The race against technology continues to push your business forward. And you need fast and reliable broadband to keep up. But your broadband should reflect your business. So we’ll keep you connected whatever speed you need. 

ADSL broadband uses existing phone lines to connect you to the internet.  So you get a reliable connection that’s easy to install and cost effective.

This fibre optic connection uses a blend of copper and fibre optic cables. So you get the speed you need without the expensive install.

Using only fibre optic cables, FTTP uses pulses of light to transmit data. Moving at the speed of light means you get a consistently faster and reliable connection. So you can scale, fast.

Unlike the options above, SOGEA broadband is delivered over the ethernet, which means you don’t need a phoneline. So you pay less.

Your own direct connection to the internet. It’s fast and super secure. So you never have to worry about an unstable connection.

Speed up and keep costs down.

The Benefits


No need to lose speed or connectivity when connecting multiple devices in your workplace


No more usage charges with Connaught’s unlimited data solutions


Send and receive more data simultaneously to improve performance and bring your business into a digital landscape


We tailor our solutions to your needs, so you can be sure you’ll get the service you really need


With 24 hour access to our support and technical team, we are always on hand to keep your business connected


Consolidate and converge data and voice networks, saving you money and giving your business the edge in a digital world

If all my projects went this smoothly I would be very happy!

Hardstaff Barriers, Nottingham

Let us talk you through the right broadband solution