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TiOC technology has you covered

Tired of wasting time on false alarms from your CCTV cameras?

Prefer an instant response from your system rather than relying on playback?

Looking for high quality, full colour recording, even at night?

Upgrade your surveillance system with TiOC camera units – our best-selling CCTV technology.

Demand more from your CCTV

Also known as Three-in-One Cameras, TiOC CCTV solutions integrate 24/7 full colour monitoring, active deterrence and AI into one slick, innovative solution. 

These best-selling camera units can be combined with mobile integration to allow real-time response and easy, one-tap activation and disarming.

Filter out false alarm triggers and target people and vehicles with TiOC’s smart technology and enjoy 4K full colour recording for more vivid, brighter images.

TiOC Core Technologies

Full Colour

Benefit from 4K full colour recording, even in low light conditions, leading to better quality, more accurate footage 24/7.

Active Deterrence

When triggered, TiOC systems use red and blue flashing lights for more noticeable alarm functions, even in dense fog or heavy rain.

This is combined with dual mic sensitivity to facilitate two way audio and sound recording. You can even choose between siren or customisable alarm voice recordings for different scenarios. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI technology to identify and target people and vehicles, whilst filtering out false triggers such as animals, insects and headlights.  Targeted Intelligent Video Systems allow you to set monitored areas on your premises, which will activate alarm systems when entered.

Smart Dual Illumination mode allows you to switch between white and infrared light, and PTZ units (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) follow target individuals in target areas, which means you can keep your eye on your site from anywhere.

One-Tap Active Deterrence

The Benefits


Set up AI filters to reduce false alarm triggering to less than 2%


Bright flashing lights visible in extreme weather and two way audio to deter intruders


24/7 full colour technology, with 4K imaging, even in low lighting


110dB sound quality combined with customisable voice recording and a choice of siren alarms


Mobile app functionality means trigger alerts and one-tap alarm activation


Install TiOC camera units on IP or Analogue CCTV systems with HDCVI compatibility

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