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Security cameras with a visible difference

You’ve got a complex site with multiple points of entry. Site coverage is limited and your CCTV system is outdated. Image quality is poor and you need mobile access to your recording platform and camera streams.

We know that protecting your people and assets is important to you. But organising a security overhaul? It sounds complicated. And costly. And you’re short on time as it is.

Connaught’s security solutions can help.

We’ve got you covered

We cover a lot of ground. And we’re not just talking about the cameras. We know that you can’t be everywhere at once. So, from your initial call all the way through to installation, training, maintenance, and support, we take care of everything.

Careful and full of care

You are at the heart of everything we do. So we like to make your business our business. We’re careful to minimise downtime because we know time is precious. We’ll communicate with you every step of the way so you feel fully informed and in control. And because we want to make sure that you get access to the most knowledgeable and experienced engineers, we don’t use contractors. So they care about you and your business.

Data Sheet

If, like us, you love all things technical, check out the detailed data sheet here.

Our Insight

The Benefits


Say goodbye to blurry images and broken cameras with our high-definition camera range,


Latest CCTV software and IP surveillance technology for consistent coverage and reliable recording


Minimal cabling and no moving parts mean easy maintenance, while vast storage saves you from worrying about backing up your system.


Multi-user access and remote monitoring via mobile app, so you can review footage anytime and anywhere


We carry out free site audits to ensure you get the insight you need, where it matters.  Plus you can add cameras and features as your business grows

First-class service, quick and nonintrusive installation. Connaught helped us see a better solution to give us full coverage of our site

Jenny Blackwell, The Redway School

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