Protecting Your Assets

Are you looking for class-leading CCTV systems and IP surveillance technology? Connaught is a leading installer of Dahua and ACTi systems, offering a complete, tailored service from enquiry to installation, right through to ongoing maintenance. 

As a manufacturer, Dahua is dedicated to training all its registered installers to the highest standards. This means, when you choose Connaught to install your new CCTV system, you are guaranteed the very best consultation, design and installation services. 

With our own team of highly trained, in-house engineers, we can carefully manage the quality of our projects, ensuring you the best possible outcome. Let our team work with you to design, build and install the right CCTV system to protect your company assets.

Features & Benefits

Superior Image Quality

IP CCTV systems offer superior image quality for better surveillance of your site.


As your business needs grow, you can grow your security system too. Our solutions are extremely flexible, meaning that you can add cameras and extra features quickly and easily.

Quick Installation and Easy Maintenance

IP CCTV systems require minimal cabling and have no moving parts which makes installation and maintenance easy.

A Feature Rich Solution

You can also add extra features as and when you need to, allowing you to communicate with visitors, secure entrances and use audio for deterrence.

Vast Storage Capacity

Vast and simplified storage means you can store and view footage without worrying about backing up your system.

Leading Management Software

Our Clear View video management software is an easy to operate software interface. It enables you to handle incidents effectively and export high-definition evidence quickly.

Data Sheet

Download our data sheet to find out how our CCTV solutions can help keep you safe and secure

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With security and surveillance now a high priority for every business, have you also considered a door entry system for your premises? Find out more about our access control solutions and how we can help you to defend against the ever-growing threat of security risks.

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