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Here we answer your common questions about upgrading to a VOIP based phone solution:

We offer contracts from 1 to 7 years. Most of our clients choose a five-year term which provides the best return on investment.

Yes, we offer unlimited UK local, national and mobile calling. 

 We allocate SIP channels based on your current and projected usage. We are happy to scale this number up or down to meet your requirements.

Minimal, allow a minute or so to be without service. During this time, we can divert your calls to another location.

Yes, we can migrate your existing telephone numbers, including direct dial and freephone, to our platform.

Our platform is telephone agnostic, so you should be able to re-use your existing IP terminals, providing they are not propriety ( such as Avaya, Panasonic, Samsung) or locked to a specific platform ( Gamma Horizon, Wildex)

Yes, we will be happy to make you a no-obligation offer for your existing hardware.

No. We will be happy to make any necessary adjustments to your system. Simply call or email our support desk. 

Our system operates on any cat5e or cat 6 network. You will need a dedicated outlet or computer network point available. If you have the traditional copper infrastructure, we will be happy to provide you with the cost to update it.

Yes, we offer both iOS and Android apps.

Prices vary based on your usage, type of handset and available infrastructure.

We offer an inclusive license with all features included.

No, all our uses receive up to 1GB of storage. 

Xelion operates on a web-based software.

You can call our support desk at any time or view our website to access our library of help videos. Feel free to book a one-to-one web session with one of our technical team to get the most out of your system

It's time to make the change to VOIP