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FAQs - Door
Access Control

Here we answer your common questions about installing Door Access Control:

Yes, Net 2 can be configured to export data directly into your payroll system. You will need both clock-in and clock-out readers combined with our Professional software. 

Yes, Net2 automatically records staff movements when you use pre-configure read in and read out. The staff list can be viewed with professional software directly on your mobile device.

 In most cases, we can utilise your current tokens. Send us one, and we can confirm compatibility within 48 hours.

Yes, our Bluetooth readers allow access via a simple QR code.

Most camera systems allow integration to synchronise video footage with access triggers.

Yes, we have a range of biometric readers to link with any Net 2 system.

Yes, we provide full user training, and you can access our range of ‘how to videos‘ on our website. 

For a complete installation, allow about a day per door. If you have some hardware and infrastructure in place, the time will be less.

A pack of 10 tokens costs £38 + VAT

All doors and sites vary but allow £980 to £1200 + VAT

 We offer a five years warranty on all Net 2 products.

Yes, you can enjoy the peace of mind of a pre-paid support contract or call us as and when needed.

 Almost certainly, yes. We will carry out a full site audit and let you know.

Most doors can be fitted with Net 2. Please send us a photograph of your door, and our technical team will advise. 

You can call our support desk at any time or view our website to access our library of help videos. Feel free to book a one-to-one web session with one of our technical team to get the most out of your system. 

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