Are you ready for remote working?

At a time when so many people are asked to work from home, it’s important to create a comfortable, secure and distraction free space. However, creating a home office can be a big change and we want to share productive guidance and tools to help you and your employees be at their most productive.

Connaught has been supporting businesses and organisations with their telephony systems for more than 30 years and has always encouraged remote and flexible working. Our employees and customers have great suggestions and tips for what they’ve learned in that time.

Here are six essentials for setting up your workspace and staying productive from home.

1.Establish a designated work area. This might not be a separate room, but define your workspace and make it as free of distraction as possible, away from noise and clutter.

2. Create habits that establish your workday. It’s easy to start working in your pyjamas without eating breakfast, but showering and putting clothes on will mentally gear you towards your workday and establishes healthy routines.

3. Set up your virtual workspace. Whether it’s internet providers or communications software, a technology system that works will be key to enabling your communication and collaboration. Connaught’s Xelion software enables any of our customers to take and make calls from home (with all installation and programming work carried out remotely).

4. Keep on communicating. Without a physical presence, and with changing daily habits and routines, it becomes more important to find new ways to communicate with your colleagues. You can set a status or let team members know via instant chat – all features which come as standard with our Xelion software.

5. Look after your health. It often feels like it’s never the right time to take a break and even though remote work can help with your work life balance, it can also make it hard to disconnect. Maintain structure in your days and make sure to build in breaks.

6. Set guidelines with your family and your work. Establish clear boundaries with work to make sure that you are not “always on” and have a clear workday switch with work and home intent clearly mapped out.

Connaught’s range of home working solutions can help you to keep your communication seamless, make you feel like you’re in the office and help you stay part of the conversation.

In order to support businesses during this time, we are offering our cloud based Xelion platform on a simple, non-contract subscription. This means that you can have a flexible, short term solution to enable you and your employees to work from home. Our expert engineering team can carry out the installation and programming remotely, so there is no need to visit your office or home.

If you’d like more information on our various options call our dedicated team today on 0800 652 7861.