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Telephony solutions that are a credit to business

The Disconnect

Meet Rachael. Head of Customer Services at Fair For You, a not-for-profit credit provider, helping people with poor credit to purchase essential items.

With an outsourced call centre and extremely poor service levels, Fair For You had very little visibility of call management and their head office was inundated with emails from customers who couldn’t get through on the phone. Long wait times, manual reporting and overloaded web chats and voicemails were affecting customer service and creating significant workload for head office teams.

From experience, Rachael knew that the business would benefit from a client-based solution and was keen to take control of phone lines in house. As a Finance Manager focused on the figures, Rachel wanted a slick system with hassle-free installation and minimal downtime that would also save money and resource.

The Answer

We quickly recognised that Fair For You needed greater control, effective reporting and would benefit from telephony that would integrate with their CRM.

With minimum disruption and maximum functionality, we recommended Xelion, our cloud-based phone solution. With a whole host of features and advanced call-centre functionality, we resolved to help Fair For You improve service levels and reduce the pressure on resource. Free calls and cost-effective fixed pricing meant we could reduce costs too.

The Results; loud and clear

The installation of the Xelion solution has been transformative. Service levels have increased from 64% (sometimes as low as 39%) to above 97%, consistently. Call wait times have reduced from over 2 minutes to just 34 seconds.

The business has saved over £10,000 per month in outsourced call centre costs. Email tickets are down by 1,500 and web chats are down by 800, saving well over 100 hours of resource each month.

The managers love the new system too; they finally have visibility of call stats and can scale up resource according to call volumes and wait times. And, customers can get straight through for the financial help they need.

4 months in, Rachael says she can’t remember life without the new system. With Xelion giving them the confidence to bring phone in house, Fair For You has significantly reduced costs and freed up resource to focus on scaling up the business.

"Our new phone system has made such a difference! Connaught gave us the confidence to bring our lines in house and they’ve saved us thousands; I would 100% recommend them. Nothing was too much trouble and the installation was so slick; everything went to plan. The Xelion system is fantastic; I can’t remember life without it and everyone else loves it too! The reporting in brilliant, our service levels are through the roof and it’s allowing us to scale up the business. It’s amazing how changing one aspect of your communications and getting it right, can suddenly make everything else easier."
Rachael Harrison, Head of Finance & Customer Service, Fair For You