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Active deterrence and CCTV support for a smarter solution

The Blind Spot

Meet Gospel Oak School. An expanding secondary school and Sixth Form in Tipton, West Midlands.

Their CCTV system wasn’t up to scratch, with blind spots and poor image quality. With pupil safety as a top priority, they were looking for a replacement system to cover their large site.

Staff wanted top quality cameras, longer recording times and active deterrence to discourage access to restricted areas. The team also needed ongoing support from a CCTV supplier who can grow with the school.

The Inside Insight

After a Connaught technical visit, Gospel Oak proceeded with a full CCTV overhaul. Installation was scheduled over two dates to fit around the school schedule and budget.

We placed high resolution internal cameras throughout the three-storey main building with vandal resistant external cameras covering the grounds. Active deterrence TiOC cameras on accessible roof areas combine alarm with push notifications when motion is detected. Storage was split over two devices to increase retention and allow for future expansion. Staff can now view footage remotely from mobiles, keeping everybody safer 24/7.

The Visible Difference

The new CCTV setup at Gospel Oak is much more secure for everyone. Simple straightforward software and mobile access make the system easier for staff. Top quality cameras and extensive storage mean that footage is always clear and accessible without a hefty price tag.

The school team know that they are in safe hands with Connaught too, with a comprehensive maintenance package including regular site visits and remote support.

The flexibility of IP camera technology means that new units can be added as the school grows, so pupils and staff can stay safer. A smart result for this busy West Midlands School.

“Amazing Service! The team were really helpful both during and after the installation. We were kept well informed throughout the project, and Connaught were extremely flexible whilst working in our school - working around breaks and lunch times and ensuring our children were safe whilst the installation was taking place.”
Michael Harrison, Gospel Oak School