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Security Solutions at Balaam Wood Academy

Meet King Edward’s Balaam Wood Academy. A co-educational secondary school in Birmingham, with over 1000 students and 60 staff.

Their old CCTV system was out of contract support and the failing cameras and poor image resolution was causing regular security concerns. With out-of-date software, video coverage was limited and staff were unable to access footage remotely.

To keep everyone safe, the Academy needed a complete security overhaul. So they launched a tender to ensure the best possible quality and price.

The inside insight

Following a competitive tender process as well as stringent assessments and screenings, the quality-focused Academy appointed us as their new security partner.

We recommended 85 high spec cameras for this large and complex site, complete with a video recording platform that could also be accessed remotely.

With minimal disruption for the school and its learners, we installed cameras, cabling, and network devices so that CCTV images could be viewed on any IOS or Android device; a game-changing outcome for the school’s Site Manager and management team.

The visible difference

The new CCTV system has transformed the Academy’s security, providing full coverage of the school site and modernising an old and unfit-for-purpose system. 

High spec cameras and the latest CCTV software means that security footage is clear and consistent. And continuous recording and 30-day-storage gives everyone peace of mind.

For the busy Site Manager, being able to access the recording system remotely saves time so he can focus on everything else. A top result for staff, students and the Site Manager alike.

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