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Three ways to make business communications easier

Communication is undeniably one of the most important foundations of any business.

Get it wrong, you will lose customers, misplace data and be inefficient. Get it right and you will be lean, profitable and efficient in serving your marketplace.

Any investment into business communications, be that time or money, is an investment well spent and now more than ever there is a clear path you should be following to improve how you communicate at work.

That path is digitisation. In other words, switching manual means of communication for digital alternatives which are connected and convenient. You can find out more about digitisation here or read on to discover how digital communication could make your working day more efficient and your business leaner.

Here are three investments that could make business communication easier for your organisation:

Hosted Communications

When you connect your workers mobile devices to their desktop devices through one easy to use platform, you enable them to make cost-effective voice calls and communicate with colleagues and customers via conference call wherever they are. Platforms like this can be connected to other software packages too like Salesforce or ACT! Which means your team has access to all the data they need on the road, at home or in the office.

The best bit? With all of this hosted in the cloud there’s no need to purchase or maintain physical hardware, so you’ll have more space in the office and lower ongoing maintenance costs too.


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is one of the main replacement services for traditional telephone lines, which are due to become obsolete in 2025. Using the internet to make calls is cheaper and delivers a better-quality connection every time.

Ideal for growing businesses, VOIP is highly scalable, meaning you can add and remove lines in a matter of seconds. Switching to VOIP is far easier than many people expect, it is most likely compatible with your existing phone system and will give you access to a range of features like answer machine messages which are automatically transcribed and sent to you as a text or email.

Business Broadband

Business grade broadband brings reliability and speed to any business working towards digitisation. Connecting your workforce, data storage and telephony improves team performance, and when your team is working efficiently, customer satisfaction will soar.

There are different options to choose from including fibre optic broadband, Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) and fibre optic ethernet, depending on your business requirements. Whichever one proves right for you, switching will allow you to move core business applications over to a fully hosted platform for the ultimate in lean communication and business efficiency.

You can discuss all of these options and more, with our dedicated team of specialists. You could even book a free of charge, no obligation audit which will give you a full and comprehensive list of recommendations for digitisation. Call 0800 652 7681 or email